Assignment Four: It's a Small World

Word association

What do I do?

1. Post in the participation thread to say you were here.
2. This is Avengers word association. Look at the last word posted and post an Avengers thing it reminds you of. Make a new comment with that word and a sentence to explain how it links to the Avengers and the last prompt. If you're still not sure, check out the challenge post for examples.
3. Wait until someone else posts the next word then post again.

This is a challenge were we need to post as much as we can so you might want to turn notifications on so you can respond as soon as possible.

If you use names, which you can, use the full name.

pgsm: mars
Okay, sidekicks, if there's something we can do, it's spam.

Comments must be at least two three words or one gif.

Sign in in the sign-in thread!

Round Robin fic
pgsm: mars
I'm a little worried as I won't be around on Saturday 1st Dec at all to unlock this post, so I'm going to need a volunteer I can trust to give my password to and submit the post for me. PM me if you can do it (and if you're not in a position where knowing my password will cause problems.) Thanks! I'd been hoping someone else who could unlock on the day might start this post, but never mind!


LET'S DO THIS THING. Word on high says our fic has to make sense, so we've got to do our very best to keep the fic on target. Filler dialogue is always good if you're a bit worried about how to keep a story on track.

PLEASE sign in at the sign-in thread if you've submitted a sentence, and I'll try and arrange a chatroom or some other method of ensuring we can have multiple people on at once writing without causing problems. :) :)

Let's do this thing, sidekicks! \o/

Important notes:

You must write one sentence of more than two words. ONE SENTENCE ONLY.
The story must make sense!
Each sentence must be a new comment.
Do NOT make two comments in a row!

tw: allison blue


- Clint/Natasha 
- Steve/Tony
- Bruce/Tony
- Steve/Bucky
- Natasha/Bruce
- Thor/Loki
- Steve/Darcy
- Bruce/Darcy
- Loki/Darcy


- An Avengers High School AU
- An AU where Tony is a villain
- An Avengers/Leverage crossover
- A fic featuring Sif
- An Avengers/Glee crossover
- A MCU fic of less than 2000 words
- A MCU fic of more than 40,000 words
- A MCU fic of more than 150,000 words
- A fic written by someone who is not a member of Avengers-Land


- An Avengers icon community
- An Avengers big bang community
- A link to a sig tag of someone from another team
- A fanart comic strip
- A piece of Avengers art made by a member of this community (from any team)
- A link to some Avengers meta
- A link to a tumblr which features mostly Avengers posts
- Links to three Avengers-related communities which don’t focus on fics
- Two (official) twitters belonging to actors who have appeared in the movies
- Two articles discussing the The Avengers movie.
- An Avengers fan video 


telaryn has participated in an Avengers big bang challenge as a writer
acquariusgb has been a member of Avengers-Land right from the first challenge
jayeinacross joined Avengers-Land this mission
hannasus is a member of another land comm
aheartthen has some Avengers merchandise (a mug, or a poster, or a t-shirt, for example.)
kiyala is a member of an Avengers pairing specific community
hannasus has written a MCU fic
aheartthen has participated in an Avengers big bang challenge as an artist
scissorknot owns a comic featuring Hawkeye
scissorknot owns any Avengers comic
miz_tith has the Avengers DVD
haces222 has the Avengers DVD, plus all of the pre-movies
telaryn does not own all of the DVDs
downbythebay_4 has never read any of the comics
jayeinacross was referred to this community by somebody else
acquariusgb found this community without being referred
downbythebay_4 has been to a convention
mizzy2k has at least two Avengers icons
rei17 has more than five Avengers icons
mizzy2k has written more than five Avengers fics
kiyala has written fics for more than three different MCU pairings
miz_tith has created some Steve/Tony art
whiskyinmind has created some gen art featuring Clint



Total: 14 sidekicks

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